Instrumentalist Studio & Stage

Versatile guitar player


David realizes all sorts of accompaniments, solos, and arrangements in a great number of styles.


Acoustic or electric, vintage or modern, David adapts his equipment and his playing technique to the genre that is called for. And be it virtuoso or minimalistic, his play is always expressive.


A jack of many instruments, he also plays the mandolin, the bass, the piano, the keyboards, the percussions and other string instruments.

A proven singer, his vocal range covers a large masculine register with a prominent head voice. 

Electric Solos -

5 clips of solos in songs recorded for different artists.



00:00 Rock solo 

00:27 Slide octaver solo 

00:48 Solo from a rock arrangement of a hit of the 80's

01:22 Blues-rock intro

01:37 Classic Rock solo (it had to be between G.Harrison &                           Foreigner)

7 clips of songs recorded with acoustic guitars, electric guitars and mandolin for different artists.


00:00 Slow song introduction

00:11 Acoustic "gypsy-country" solo

00:23 Telecaster "vibrato"

00:45 Mandolin solo

00:59 Post-chorus acoustic solo

01:09 Pop-slow song arpeggios accompaniment

01:22 Acoustic "strumming" over a pop song (muted vocals)                           + electric guitars a la "Queen"

Acoustic / Folk-Country / Pop -
Funk / Fusion / Jazz -

5 clips of songs, in Funk-Fusion and Jazz styles recorded live, on stage or with live conditions in studio. David's background vocals can be heard in the first clip.


00:00 Funk-Fusion 1 / Improvisation guitar-drums interplay 

00:57 Jazz-Rock theme in a late 70's style

01:30 Funk-Fusion 2 / Guitar solo

02:24 Jazz standard / quartet arrangement of "Old Devil Moon"  

03:41 Jazz standard / quartet - guitar synthetizer - "Black Nile"

Covers / Vocals / Keyboards -

5 clips of cover songs in different bands, in studio or on stage. Here sings David also background vocals and plays keyboards. He is in charge of the transcriptions and music notation for all the instruments.


00:00 Jackson 5 cover, David: guitar / all the background vocals

00:16 Preparation of a rehearsal as model. David sings all the vocals             which the other members of the band will have to work on

00:37 Eurythmics cover, David: keyboards (right) / background vocals

01:00 Sting cover, David: guitar 

01:41 Supertramp cover: David: background vocals / guitar (original               solo of Roger Hodgson in "Goodbye Stranger")