Guitar player, composer, arranger, and producer David is an accomplished and versatile musician. He has collaborated with numerous artists, serving both their music and also his own.


Playing many instruments, he has 20 years of experience in the music scene, accompanying artists during live performances as well as studio sessions. He performed several concerts and festivals, for TV and radio stations, demonstrating a spectrum of styles and sounds, ranging from Rock to Pop, Acoustic, Classical and Traditional music, Jazz and improvisational music.


David obtained a degree from Marseille Conservatory after completing a Master in Musicology from the University of Aix-Marseille. David was taught by renowned teachers and musicians, at two well-known schools IMFP* and IACP**, during the period of the Belmondo brothers in Paris where he studied and applied musical composition and arrangingDavid’s recent works include musical scores for television films, mini- series, and documentaries, where his proficiency across an array of musical genres enabled him to craft the moods desired to reinforce the narrative.


As an arranger and conductor, he likes joining forces with other artists, composers, and producers to help them realize their creative vision. David’s vast musical foundation and unique aesthetic sensibility serve as a prism to expose the many diverse possibilities. His references range from old music to Electro.

While David hails from France he works throughout all of Europe. In addition he teaches at the Conservatory of Music and Dance Pablo Picasso in Martigues.



* Institut Musical de Formation Professionelle 

**Institut Art Culture Perception